Friday, May 8, 2009


I had a dream bout her that night.
Anyway,I never dream of her before and that was the first time she appeared in my dream.
Suppose i thought it was a sweet dream
for me as she appeared but there was another guy who turn up as well.
I saw her and she introduced me her friend, who's not an ordinary friend but her significant other that have been together for 4years as I still remembered what she said.
I felt very disappointed and heartbroken the moment she said that to me.
Though it was just a dream but it seems like a real one to me.
Believe it a not,I ever had some dreams that came true exactly like what i dreamed.
Those scenes looks familiar as though you have seen it somewhere else before.
I doubt that whether this dream is signify something or trying to give me some hints regarding her.
Give up on her or what?Seriously,I dunno !

I read an article and it says that "
Most dreams can be translated and can in fact be the best way to get hints about your future. Dreams can tell us so much if we can remember them or at least the main symbols. Most symbols within dreams are pretty much self explanatory, but not all of them. One of the most common dream theme and what they mean are like to be chased within dreams can signify that you feel you are trapped or running away from fears, memories, people or other aspects of your life."

What do you guys out there think bout the dream I had?

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