Thursday, May 28, 2009

My babe

The Revival Body Art Studio
The accessories
The accessories

The body art designs

The machine

The stainless steel grips

The colors & ointment

After the paperwork was filled out, then I'm taking my seat at the Chair of Honor in a private room. Next,my arm was being cleaned with alcohol and start shaving my hairs from the chosen spot. Why? Cause even the finest of hairs can get in the way and cause problems, so this is a crucial step.

A little Vaseline was placed over my transfer design for certain reasons.
It helps to keep the transfer on longer without accidentally rubbing it off, and also to helps the needle to slide along the skin more smoothly, which makes me more comfortable.

During the first line,the tattooist ask me not to my breath. I asked and he said some people have passed out during a tattoo, and it wasn't the pain but it was due to the panic. The needles move rapidly up and down, just like a sewing machine.
The tattooist started by outlining the image on my arm in black ink.

At first,it feels like a needle poking on you which is like ant bites.People said after u get used to it as the pain begins to subside.

It depends on your own personal pain threshold, on the location of the tattoo,
and on the style itself. Certain people might say the outlining part hurts the most
but I found that the pain builds over time.
After this would be time for shading and coloring.

He did asked me for a break during the tattooing process. I guess he's giving a chance to rest just in case he have to send me to hospital after I faint.Lol

When is about finishing,I actually asked him for a break again cause I was about to burst if I still don't go to washroom.
I learnt my lesson this time that is never ever drink a lot of water if you are gonna do a tattoo.

The duration to be done was longer than what he told me during earlier
and it's way beyond his expectation as he predict he could be finished it within less than 2hours.
The whole process does not have a specific time to be done ,
it actually depends on the size and complexity of the design.
So it means the design i chose was quite complicated also.

During the process,I saw some blood on my arm and started to get freaked out.

So I questioned him once again.

He said it's normal for the area to look a little red and also see a little bit of blood.

Phew !

Finally,after 3hours of enduring the pain of pricking by the needles for uncountable times
and I'm done with it .
That's it !
I sat there until both my ass and hand almost get numb at a same time.
No doubt,it was really painful but after all i think what I get for the results was totally worth it.
Never regret at all for what I've chosen today.
Very satisfied with what I've paid for.
I'm lovin' it !

Bandage on my arm

The studio is located at :

Soon - 012-5086987 ,

Ground floor 13,
Yik Foong Complex,
Jln Laxamana,
30300 Ipoh,Perak

Virgin Hair

Today,I was taking bus down to Ipoh to settle some stuff.
And I saw there's something unique right in front of me.
Guess what?
A guy that is with green colored hair.
I wonder why is there people on earth who would dye their hair with such a color?
For me,it looks like those roadside grasses but this one is kinda special case cause it grows on his head.
I guess his brain was full of grasses i think.Rofl
Or maybe he think he's still a "cheng tau chai" aka virgin that's why he chosen this color.
This is what we called "Lala Chai"

Green Headed Guy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Be With You

Wilber Pan is featuring Akon in his new single,"Be With You"
Check this out !
Surprisingly,its gonna be a mix of Mandarin and English cause

the original version was being banned from released as the lyrics contained the word "morphine".
Then the lyrics were changed and just launched recently.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Battle of the Smithsonian

Reached KL on Thursday then straight went to Sunway Pyramid and meet up with my roommate to watched Night at the Museum 2.
He's being a night guard once again but this time it will be in the world's biggest museum.
There are lots of funny characters appeared in the show this time like Darth Vader,puppet from Sesame Street and also few political leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte and Ivan the 'Awesome'. Lol
No doubt,Ben Stiller is still one of my favorite actor as i laughed loud through out the entire show.
Overall,two thumbs up for this hilarious movie.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been hesitating whether to message her and ask or not.
Should I?
This matter had been bothering me for few nights.
Hardly can fall asleep even when both eyes are closed.
As my mind still have some unclear doubts.
When I closed my eyes,your image appeared.
I had a feeling that somehow she's avoiding from me
Hopefully,that's not true.
If yes,then what's the reason that cause that happen?
Perhaps I'm very annoying.
If she's reading this,I guess it'll be even better.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are many things I wanted to do at this moment.
But too bad I couldn't do it.
Since I got only limited resources are being given to me.
As I know,there won't be any use for whining over here.
Since they don't even view my blog and concern bout me much.
Even if I asked for more,the results that i would get is just the same.
It's better to depend on myself than hoping that they'll support me.
Question yourself,what have you given me after so long?
And do you ever think that is enough for me?
I doubt so.
Cause things I've received from you all are easily countable.
Most of the stuff I had now was hard earned by myself.
Nuff said.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One sided

There's been a question in my mind for so long.
Sometimes I wondered who am I to you.
It gives me a feeling that I'm more like a stranger to you.
If I have a request that is as simple as ABC from you,
It wasn't too much right for fulfilling what I've asked?
Somehow,I wished there's someone be there to pamper me like no one else before.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Maybe she'd be here right now.
I had a lot to say.
Wish I told her how I felt.
But everything might not comes out right.
Just pray you'll have a change of heart.
I know If I could find the right way to open.
Then I get the key to enter deep inside your heart.
And be your crying shoulder whenever you need.
Love being around you.
Feels like it's deep within me.
Time flies but not without you.
What else could I do besides waiting for you?
Although my heart is longing for you.

Somehow,I saw things that I don't wish to see.
A little bit of disappointed though
But no worries cause things stay the same for me.
And I'll still be there like what I used to do.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Everyone is gonna be celebrating mother's day today except for me.
Okay, let me tell you for those who doesn't know about my family background.
She left me on the day I was born and went to Heaven.
As I was told by my siblings,the reason that she passed away was due to over bleeding
I had no idea what's the main reason that actually caused her losing her life.
Some of them told me it was because she ate too much of delicacy food.
Another reason was due to me.
Once the witch told my mother's family side that all this misfortune sprung from having an a son who was unlucky and after I being sent away,things would go well with them.
How ridiculous are the reason that they created and it was not scientific at all.
That's totally bullshit to put such a blame on me.
In that case,my family ends up neglecting me as I'm still crying in the baby room of hospital.
Yeah,nobody wants me at all as they know that I'm gonna brings bad luck to them.
NONE of my relatives from mother's side wants to take care of me.
Even my father,himself can be so cruel and heartless for not taking me home.
Why in this world would have such a family like this?
They rather trusting a witch than what a professional said.
I'm part of their family too and they chosen to just dump me like this.
If there's no one adopt me,I would have just began my life in an orphanage.

Thanks a million to my Aunt,without her I'm might just being an another orphan out there.
The little baby of me was taken home by her on the second day and raised like her own child.
Although the real mother of mine had left me but she's like my mother for the past 21years since I was born till now.
I'm glad that you have taken me home or else I wouldn't be here today.
Sorry for being a naughty kid during the past,I know you always cane and scolded me was because you care bout me and love me.

There was once when she fetching me out to somewhere with a motor and during the journey her gold necklace with a jade that she wore since young has been snatched by 2 fella from a motor behind.
We headed back home then,but she never scold me for losing her necklace & jade and just walked off.
I felt so guilty since I'm the one who's asking her to fetch me out and caused this incident to happened.

One early morning when I was sleeping in the living room sofa and I straight lie awake with my both eyes opened ,then I saw the scene where she rolling down from the staircase while carrying her grand daughter down and knocked her head on the wall.
All the way down from the stairs,I saw her was covering her grand daughter with her own body to prevent her from getting any injuries.
My heart was like popped out and I rush to the stairs and see whether she's getting any hurt.
I feel slightly better when i saw her body only have some bruise but nothing else.

This post is mainly dedicate to my dearest Aunt for her uncountable love and care towards me.
Appreciates your loved one while she's still here before you regret.
Happy Mother's Day !!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I had a dream bout her that night.
Anyway,I never dream of her before and that was the first time she appeared in my dream.
Suppose i thought it was a sweet dream
for me as she appeared but there was another guy who turn up as well.
I saw her and she introduced me her friend, who's not an ordinary friend but her significant other that have been together for 4years as I still remembered what she said.
I felt very disappointed and heartbroken the moment she said that to me.
Though it was just a dream but it seems like a real one to me.
Believe it a not,I ever had some dreams that came true exactly like what i dreamed.
Those scenes looks familiar as though you have seen it somewhere else before.
I doubt that whether this dream is signify something or trying to give me some hints regarding her.
Give up on her or what?Seriously,I dunno !

I read an article and it says that "
Most dreams can be translated and can in fact be the best way to get hints about your future. Dreams can tell us so much if we can remember them or at least the main symbols. Most symbols within dreams are pretty much self explanatory, but not all of them. One of the most common dream theme and what they mean are like to be chased within dreams can signify that you feel you are trapped or running away from fears, memories, people or other aspects of your life."

What do you guys out there think bout the dream I had?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tribal Taurus

Feels like getting myself a tattoo but I got no idea which type should I choose.
At first I thought of my own horoscope which is a Taurus sign but I realize that there's not much nice Taurus sign after i search the images in Google.
So far I've only found one for my zodiac sign which i think is nicer compare to the others.
Besides that,dragon was also in my mind but somehow I think it looks quite "lala" and common also after Kah Ho said the same thing to me.
I even thought of a scorpion also but I don't wanna end up as another Scorpion King wannabe.
Thus,I decided to get something rare and looks outstanding on me.
I found one random tribal tattoo also which i dunno what is that.

One of my favorite type of dog was Husky that tends to have a wolf like appearance.
So my final choice of tattoo would be a wolf sign.
Below are some of the similar examples that I might consider to get.

Feel free to drop me some comment on which one should i choose. ; )

Flaming wolf paw

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exquisite sciuridae

I'm so grateful to her for going out dinner with me as I expect that I'm gonna eat all alone by myself today. *wet eyes*
As i thought it would just be a simple dinner but she insisted to eat something better
instead of eating opposite my place due to my big day.
Surprisingly,she bought me a slice of cake that doesn't comes with a candle but it doesn't matter cause what she did was more than enough.
Wished to ask her to take a photo together but my lips are like a chamber that had been sealed off hard.
Those words seems so heavy to voice out from my mouth.

.The cake


Oh my god,I can't believe that finally I'm 21yrs old at this moment right now.
Sorry le Rocky, since your msg delivered late and couldn't be 1st one who wish me this
Anyway,thanks to all those who message me and wrote on my Facebook.
All your warm wishes are greatly appreciated. =]
Woohoo! Now I can officially enter casino and clubs without any worries.
Currently, my heart is giving me an odd feeling that this is gonna be the worst B'day i ever had in my entire life. *Praying that is not gonna happen*
This kind of feelings sucks to the max !
Just can't help it.
Sigh,what to do?Imagine if you are the one being stuck at home alone now and your mind will automatically starts thinking of nonsense.
Hopefully there will be a unforgettable celebration for me after my exam. *Hinting*
For the past 2years here,the most memorable one was the time that I celebrated with her.
Though it was just a very simple dinner with some photo taking session but definitely a meaningful one..

Happy 21st Birthday to myself ! =]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christian, The Lion

*Thx Yinyin for showing me this vid ;)

How i wish I could adopt and raise a cub like both of them?
Reunion with an old friend feels so heartwarming
And yet the lion can remembered them as way of showing its gratitude for raising him.
That was so touching !
Referring to Andrea's latest post,this is also considered as one kind of love.
But this one is more unique cause is between a human and animal.
Perhaps you can called this as friendship too since a dog can also be a man's best friend.
Then why not a lion?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fcuk off !

That freaking bastard called me and woke me up from sleep just now.
Yes,is YOU !
I got no choice but have to name you as a BASTARD but i guess it suits you well due to what u did.
No matter how you humiliate me ,I'm still standing on my own dignity.
This time things you said to me was going way beyond my boundary.
About my life?
It doesn't concern you anymore from this second onwards and I mean what I've said.
I don't give a damn if you doesn't want to give me anymore financial support.
Without you, is not like I'm going to starve to death.
I'm not as dumb as you think although my academic results are poor but it doesn't mean that my performance are below of those who passed with flying colors.
I've been a obedient boy for so long and now its the right time for me to rebel against you !
Fuck off from my sight cause I don't want to bother things bout you either.
You have no rights to control my life anymore as I'm old enough and officially 21 in the coming three days.
Feel free to go and get laid with your mistress if you had nothing better to do.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Home alone

Mostly I'm gonna be home alone for the coming days in Kampar before my sem break starts.
As usual,I'm always the last one who's leaving the apartment since this is not the first time after all.
My roommate had just left in the morning while I'm still dreaming on my comfy bed.
It was so quiet after he left as i could hear echoes reflecting back to my ears whenever i try to make a sound.
Luckily,I'm not a monophobic person or else I would have just died by suffering during the left over days before exam ends.
Anyone out there willing to be my companion? *winks*


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