Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Everyone is gonna be celebrating mother's day today except for me.
Okay, let me tell you for those who doesn't know about my family background.
She left me on the day I was born and went to Heaven.
As I was told by my siblings,the reason that she passed away was due to over bleeding
I had no idea what's the main reason that actually caused her losing her life.
Some of them told me it was because she ate too much of delicacy food.
Another reason was due to me.
Once the witch told my mother's family side that all this misfortune sprung from having an a son who was unlucky and after I being sent away,things would go well with them.
How ridiculous are the reason that they created and it was not scientific at all.
That's totally bullshit to put such a blame on me.
In that case,my family ends up neglecting me as I'm still crying in the baby room of hospital.
Yeah,nobody wants me at all as they know that I'm gonna brings bad luck to them.
NONE of my relatives from mother's side wants to take care of me.
Even my father,himself can be so cruel and heartless for not taking me home.
Why in this world would have such a family like this?
They rather trusting a witch than what a professional said.
I'm part of their family too and they chosen to just dump me like this.
If there's no one adopt me,I would have just began my life in an orphanage.

Thanks a million to my Aunt,without her I'm might just being an another orphan out there.
The little baby of me was taken home by her on the second day and raised like her own child.
Although the real mother of mine had left me but she's like my mother for the past 21years since I was born till now.
I'm glad that you have taken me home or else I wouldn't be here today.
Sorry for being a naughty kid during the past,I know you always cane and scolded me was because you care bout me and love me.

There was once when she fetching me out to somewhere with a motor and during the journey her gold necklace with a jade that she wore since young has been snatched by 2 fella from a motor behind.
We headed back home then,but she never scold me for losing her necklace & jade and just walked off.
I felt so guilty since I'm the one who's asking her to fetch me out and caused this incident to happened.

One early morning when I was sleeping in the living room sofa and I straight lie awake with my both eyes opened ,then I saw the scene where she rolling down from the staircase while carrying her grand daughter down and knocked her head on the wall.
All the way down from the stairs,I saw her was covering her grand daughter with her own body to prevent her from getting any injuries.
My heart was like popped out and I rush to the stairs and see whether she's getting any hurt.
I feel slightly better when i saw her body only have some bruise but nothing else.

This post is mainly dedicate to my dearest Aunt for her uncountable love and care towards me.
Appreciates your loved one while she's still here before you regret.
Happy Mother's Day !!


  1. im also part of ur family ok
    dun u forget
    i stil owe u money
    Yea! help me wish her too la if can , eventought i know u wudn
    shud listen to her n sayang her better k

  2. hey..stay strong ya..^.^
    all these happened sure got reason one..maybe god just wanna test you whether you`re strong person ant..i know it hard for you to face it alone..and..i really can feel that you`re totally strong,brave,tough,and independent person as well..if me,i wouldnt be strong as you..hees..all the best to you`ll never walk alone!!worry not^.^

  3. stay strong timmy b .
    you have us :)
    just keep looking at your green smiley .



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