Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Big Day

The first thing I saw when I woke up from nap just was the status updated by Dennis.

"Dennis Yuean : i might b the 1st one doin a shoutout on this, but i dont care im already overwhelmed by the excitement for them both. my high skool frens tyin the knot!!!!! congratulations!!!!!"

Seriously,I thought that I am still dreaming but hell no !
Really unbelievable..
Two of our closest friends,Yap Kok Seng & Foo Chia Yin is getting married next month .
Congratulations !

Lemme recall something bout them.
 Both of them  used to make plenty of 'curry chicken' during their free time
Of course not the edible one but love bite on their beloved's neck and then show off to us the next day.

Many years back when we went for a trip to Genting, 
I was there to witnessed how Kok Seng did a wonderful move by kickin' his future wife's butt down from the bed while we was asleep.
What a lovely couple ! 
That's the past.
Time flies.

Here comes 
a  new beginning,
a new bond ,
and a new life 
to this sweet and loving couple
as they have  found someone to depend upon for the rest of their life.


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