Monday, June 29, 2009

Revenge of the Coward !

Went for Transformer 2 :Revenge of the Fallen in the early morning of Saturday.
From the day it release till now,almost everyday the tickets are fully sold out where I need to buy it in advance as the E-ticketing is not functioning properly.
I still can remember during the first episode of Transformer I watched it with my ex as I bought her a ring and gave it to her during the show.
What attracts you to watch this movie?
Personally,I was attracted by the fantastic graphics & animation but not to left out the extremely hot looking, Megan Fox.

Throughout the movie,there was a car that captures my attention which is the Sideswipe, Corvette Stingray Concept.Oh my god,I love this car so much !

Leavin' of M.J

I was very shocked when I saw the news of Michael Jackson's death on someone's personal message in MSN and went to goggled to confirm about it.
As the source stated,his death was due to cardiac arrest.
That's very sad cause he left us so early at the age of 50 and there goes our beloved King of Pop like the great singer,Elvis Presley.
Wondered why all the famous singer & artist died in the age of so young?
For M.J,some said it was because of what he did to those children as a pedophiles.
I remember the first time I saw him on TV,he was performing moonwalk during his song "Billie Jean" and that's how I get mesmerized by him.
Anyway,hope he can R.I.P.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My classmate

Lately,I realize I saw a lot of students are wearing specs that just a frame itself without any lenses. During my class today,there was even a group of girls who came in late and all of them are actually wearing specs.
A few weeks back,when we went to Houz and there was a group of gays that are wearing funny glasses.

Spotted one of them was wearing those kind of big frame glasses and looks like Nobita wannabe. O.O
So I guess that's the latest trend for now among.
Perhaps I should get one for myself too.

Somehow I still preferred to wear contact lens if I were to choose between both.

Some people said I looked nerdy and there's also friends of mine who could relate me to the
'Terminator' after I wore my Gucci shades. Swt.

Friday, June 12, 2009

El Niño

The name El Niño originates from Spanish, meaning "the little boy", refers to the Christ child.
It is a global coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon.
Well,I know nothing about this at all until that day I read through the newspaper which is the current issue that caused such a freaking hot weather.
The direct effects of an El Niño are gonna results us with hotter and drier days ahead
It also increased bush fires and worsened haze and decreased the air quality dramatically.
Oh my god,this kind of weather some more gonna last until September as the Meterological Department have confirmed which means we have to suffer for another 3months from now.
Most torturing weather I ever had.
Instead they should have name this as the Ka Niña phenomenon better.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not so sober.

This vid was taken after the B'day celebration of our buddy aka 'Oldman' who just reached 21 last Saturday.

It shows the effect of after taking alcohol.
Some of them are behaving inappropriately and starts to imitated of being an eagle.ROFLMAO
There was one who even asked us for a 'French Cap' , I bet he was half drunk and bit of desperate .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Soup Kambing

Out to Ghany for supper and ordered soup kambing with plain white rice.
This would be my first and also the very last time.
However,it doesn't taste like soup kambing at all and guess what ?
I also found some macaroni inside my bowl of soup. *scratched head*
I was wondering is it those workers in Ghany are eating macaroni with soup kambing and accidentally dropped some into it.
Never mind,just forget bout it since I managed to finished everything as I was hungry and the boss actually gave me some discount after I complaint to him.Lol
Now onwards,I will never ever order any more soup kambing from there.
Once is more than enough.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fly with me.

This is one of the singles from their latest fourth studio album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times.
It was also being used at the end credits of Night at the Museum 2 : Battle of the Smithsonian.

It's you and me forever

It's you and me right now
It'll be all right
It'll be all right
Chasing stars and losing shadows
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

Oh yeah
Gonna fly with me now

Now the past can come alive
And give it meaning
And a reason
To give all I can
To believe once again

It's you and me forever
It's you and me right now
It'll be all right
It'll be all right
Chasing stars and losing shadows
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

Maybe you were just afraid
Knowing you were miles away
From the place where you needed to be
And you're right here with me

It's you and me forever
It's you and me right now
It'll be all right
Chasing stars and losing shadows
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

It's you and me forever
It's you and me right now
It'll be all right
It'll be all right
Chasing stars and losing shadows
Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine
So won't you fly with me

So won't you fly
So won't you fly
So won't you fly with me

One day trip

Last Friday,we joined some old friends to Penang.
Ck and his gf wanted to go there to make their costume for ballroom dance in Komtar.

Ck & his girl

Dennis, the macho guy posing outside the shop

Mainly,I'm there because of the delicious local food.
Our first stop was at Lorong Selamat to have the famous Sister's Char koay teow
Check out the aunty who's wearing an over sized chef hat and a gigantic fashionable goggle.
Though it was bit pricey but definitely worth it due to the size of the prawn.

The most expensive Char koay teow I ever ate !

Ice kacang

Hokkien mee

Next,we go for the very famous chendol at Jln Penang.

He just can't stop camwhoring.


After having so much of food,we take a break at Hongkie Cafe.

Later on,we began to search for another famous Penang laksa stall at Fahlim area.
In my opinion,this Laksa taste much more better than the one in Ayer Itam.
We actually passed by a few cybercafe before we went for to eat.
So we decided to go in and have a try since is ONLY RM 1.20 PER HOUR .
I wondered why their rate per hour is so cheap compare to those in Ipoh or Kampar.
But anyway,the price says everything.
Their Mozilla Firefox keep on having error plus their Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne does not linked (vpn) to any other cybercafe.That's sucks cause I wasted 1buck there and yet I couldn't play any games I want.
I still prefer our cybercafes in Perak.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Joke of the year

Today,one classmate of mine added me in Msn just now.
Then we started to chat and later on he came up to me with a very "tough" question.
I was like what the fuck when i saw what he wrote.
Bet u guys will be shocked too of what he's gonna ask me about.
The conversation was like this :

L: Can i ask you a private question?Just wanna know only and if u mind then u no need to answer me about it
L: Are you gay?
Me: WTF *eyes popped out & jaws dropped down*
Me: Do i looked like one?.
L: A bit le
Me: Honestly, NO and i love girls !
Me: Why asked me such a question?
L:From the way you look and after viewing your blog.
Me:*Big sweat* Okay

Actually,he's not the first one who asked me this kind of question.
Last time,there are even some "dude" who approached me in Friendster and asked me the same thing.
Few weeks back,I went HOUZ with Rocky and few more people.
As I was standing near the bar,there's a group of dude right opposite me.
My friends told me that they're gay.
One of them was actually staring at me and smile through out the whole night. *gulps*


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