Friday, June 12, 2009

El Niño

The name El Niño originates from Spanish, meaning "the little boy", refers to the Christ child.
It is a global coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon.
Well,I know nothing about this at all until that day I read through the newspaper which is the current issue that caused such a freaking hot weather.
The direct effects of an El Niño are gonna results us with hotter and drier days ahead
It also increased bush fires and worsened haze and decreased the air quality dramatically.
Oh my god,this kind of weather some more gonna last until September as the Meterological Department have confirmed which means we have to suffer for another 3months from now.
Most torturing weather I ever had.
Instead they should have name this as the Ka Niña phenomenon better.


  1. i was in KL. it's super hot.
    i am in kuching. it's still super hot.


  2. Lol.kampar is hot too.
    cant help it.
    all u can do is just stay inside an air-cond room before u melt.

  3. always hot wan le.. lol

  4. I'm in KL now. The haze looks exactly like the mist in Genting Highlands. Just that the difference are the weather in KL is so freakin' hot and humid. GOD Pls help!



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