Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The 'Green Goblin'

Here's the celebration for our Mr.Green Goblin  for his 21st.

Let's make this short,we went to his for for a BBQ party and later on headed to Old Town Kopitiam for a drink.

Knocking Benny's head

Awww,that's so sweet !

Not to forget Mabel's belated birthday.
So we decided to let her make a wish and the cut the cake once again

Mabel holding her corn "sword"

Mabel says "Whoever come near me shall die"

We was forcing her to take out the candle with her mouth but she refused to do so.

Mike gave her a kiss on her cheek with his lips applied chili sauce.That's how she react.

Benny acting cute.

The pedophile & our big sister,Ms.Kelly

Sweet M&M

James Bond Teh

D' said we're abusing his hat to camwhore and how can I not take part on that.Lol
I'll take that as the interest of what you owed me. *winks*


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