Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Moment

Without realizing , you've came into my life
Things happened just like a shooting star
The moments are very short yet wonderful
I really appreciate the chance  you've given me.
I know I can't ask for more than you give.

When you told me that you loved me , 
Were those just words or u really mean it?
When I opened my eyes this morning
I thought everything was just a dream
Got a head of shattered dreams.
I'm really terrified !

 After all, pictures it's all I've got now.
You can erase all of them from your memory
But not the feelings we had for each other.
I'll set you free if that's what you want.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Things turned out to be very complicated lately exactly just like the labyrinth above.
It looks like a maze where there's only a single path to reach the center.
There are 3 spirals and each of them represents one person.
It concerns about relationship and also friendship.
Each affects the other, and the other affects the next,
And the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.

I wonder why can't friends be honest to each other whenever there's a problem occurred in between.
It doesn't matter who create the problem first but to find a solution and settle it, right?
If both sides refuse to take initiative then the problem will just remained there until it solve.
Don't you feel tired to pretend in front of each other as if there's nothing happen?

It's going to be a hard time when there are so many consequences after the words are said.
I know it sounds easy by just saying it, since I'm not the one who is undergoing all these.
Sorry for not being in the shoe.
There's nothing wrong for being who you are.
Just accept who you are and revel in it.

Every problem has in it the seeds of its own solution.
If you don’t have any problems, you don’t get any seeds.

Are there any other option to choose besides lover and enemy for a male & female?
Is it necessary that both of them must choose between one?
There's one more option available which is friend.
But I doubt that not all people will choose that after the confession fails or even breakup.
Perhaps some of you might choose to avoid that particular person after that incident cause it feels awkward when you see each other.
No doubt, you're going to lose a precious friend if that's what you want the ending to be.
The pain of loss can be very intense.
Or perhaps you might already expected what's the outcome going to be after the confession.
Then why not just let it go and and it could be a better ending.

Love is unconditional, if you truly love someone does not mean have to be together as a couple.
But you just want them to be happy and fulfilled whether they are alone or with someone else.
When you really love someone, you will be able to let them go to find their own happiness.
I'm sure my buddy who's leaving for UK soon will agree with what I'm saying over here.
Hope my words here will enlighten those of you who stuck in this labyrinth.
Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be.
It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Uphill & Downtown

Early morning, Kc came to Kampar and pick us up then we meet up with Ab & Ccm  to have Dim Sum as our breakfast before we start our journey to Cameron Highlands.

 Instead of eating at Foh San we actually went to the their rival which is Ming Court.

 Ab the Wu Long Mei

PuiPui the Fei Poh 

Kc the driver who's enjoying his cup of tea like an oldman Lol

The so called 'mom' & 'daughter'

Around 1hour plus of journey going up to the hill, we finally reached our destination and start looking for hotel.However,there's a sudden change for our plan,they said Cameron it's kinda boring so they decided to go to another hill which is Genting -The City of Entertainment.

So we stopped by at a cafe and take some photos before we leave or else it would be a waste of time for coming all the way up here without any pictures taken or getting any souvenirs.

 Kc,Ccm,Ab & PuiPui


Ab's hair accessory.

He's trying to take some fresh air *inhale*

Fei Zai Meng

Th Ho !

Our respectable , tai ka jeh


Smiley keychains for each of us : )

While on the way going down from the hill, we stopped by at one of the waterfall, Lata Iskandar and soak our feet in the water.

Guess which planet she came from?
She's overexcited !
The pig mama.
Lil piggy.
He's trying to be a gentleman *winks*
Sweet !
Model of the day.
Expressionless driver.
The Poser.

And that's me !
Both of them trying to scare me *pretends to be scared*
I caught him red handed.
He peed in the water !
See , he's trying to act innocent with watery eyes *holding lil birdie* 
His eyes is trying to convey a message to me :
"Sorry for the inconvenience caused and also for not wearing any diaper due to my father is too stingy.I was in the urge of emergency as I couldn't look for any toilet nearby therefore I decided to pee there. 
Anyway, congrats to those who drank the holy water produced by me and 
hope you guys enjoyed it *evil grin * "

Okay,apology accepted !

Next we headed to Tapah KFC for our lunch and also let the driver to take a break.
After the lunch break, we continue our journey to the next hill.
So from Tapah highway we take the toll exit at Batang Kali  and headed to Genting.
They made some calls to their friends who are working up there to check if there's any room available for us to overnight there.
Like what I expected , it's the peak season now so I doubt that we could really get a room over there.
The plan changed again and this time we're going to KL.
Feels like we are having a road trip and travel the whole peninsular. 
Reached KL around the time where people are getting off from their work.
As usual, the traffic is congested during that peak hours.
That's only the minor problem we are having.Meanwhile our major one was to find the way to our hotel.
We're LOST !
Suddenly , there's one fella came across my mind who I think he can help us to escape from this maze.
Thanks to Melvin's guidance we found our way out and reached our hotel.
We were dead tired after sitting in the car for more than 10hours.
Of course not as tired as the driver.

He KO-ed on the bed !
Exhausted .
Still can act innocent .
Ab Sham's trademark ©2010
She hates copycat !

After taken some rest, we went for dinner at the famous "Restaurant Fei Por"
Supposedly  after that we're going to the Look Out Point but we couldn't make it due to time constraint.
So we just have a car ride around the city to have a look at the buildings & nightlife.
That's all for the day and time to have some good rest.

Petronas Twin Towers

We missed our breakfast and sleep until 1hour before check-out.
Left our luggage in the car and go for lunch while Ab wants to meet up with her buddy in Sg.Wang.

On the way back to our car,we saw this man who's handicap being surrounded by crowd which makes us curious and go near to see what's going on.
We saw him writing some chinese traditional calligraphy without his hands.
He's selling those art for his own living.
I can say that he's a man that should really gain our respect by standing on its own feet.
The day before this, I saw a few beggars sitting outside the dim sum restaurant with a cup to beg for money.
Some of them are even with both hand and legs but still they are not appreciated for what God has given to them to make used of it.

When we are about to leave after filling petrol, somebody mentioned Look Out Point again.
We followed the directions given by Melvin but still we are not able to find it although we are just nearby that area.
We went to Bukit Permai instead of Look Out Point.
But nevermind, we stopped at one of the playground to take some pictures also.

Taken at Bukit Permai.

A breathtaking view

In the end,after so many wrong turns taken we reached there with a little bit help of strangers who are staying nearby.
Well, it's really worth the trouble for coming up to this place when u see the awesome view.
There's one restaurant above the tower called Panaroma, one of their waiter talked to us in a very rude manner as he asked us to stand there while taking our orders before going up.
He sound as if we're lying to him just to get up and take photos or probably he's looking down on us that we couldn't afford to eat over there. Such a mother-f-er !
Instead of having our dinner there,we left and went to Gasoline.
Although the panoramic view are not as nice you can see above the tower but the f**ked up services they provided really put us on fire !

It's really a nice getaway place to bring along your family,friends and perhaps your loved one to have a dinner while enjoying the beautiful night scene of KL.

So fast it comes to an end of our road trip.
Indeed, an awesome trip !
 Guys, it's time to plan for the next trip right??


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