Monday, June 8, 2009

One day trip

Last Friday,we joined some old friends to Penang.
Ck and his gf wanted to go there to make their costume for ballroom dance in Komtar.

Ck & his girl

Dennis, the macho guy posing outside the shop

Mainly,I'm there because of the delicious local food.
Our first stop was at Lorong Selamat to have the famous Sister's Char koay teow
Check out the aunty who's wearing an over sized chef hat and a gigantic fashionable goggle.
Though it was bit pricey but definitely worth it due to the size of the prawn.

The most expensive Char koay teow I ever ate !

Ice kacang

Hokkien mee

Next,we go for the very famous chendol at Jln Penang.

He just can't stop camwhoring.


After having so much of food,we take a break at Hongkie Cafe.

Later on,we began to search for another famous Penang laksa stall at Fahlim area.
In my opinion,this Laksa taste much more better than the one in Ayer Itam.
We actually passed by a few cybercafe before we went for to eat.
So we decided to go in and have a try since is ONLY RM 1.20 PER HOUR .
I wondered why their rate per hour is so cheap compare to those in Ipoh or Kampar.
But anyway,the price says everything.
Their Mozilla Firefox keep on having error plus their Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne does not linked (vpn) to any other cybercafe.That's sucks cause I wasted 1buck there and yet I couldn't play any games I want.
I still prefer our cybercafes in Perak.


  1. penang.. haha..
    lol rm1.20 is definitely appropriate la.. since the service is like that.. lol

  2. Lols... I love food !!!

    I still rmb my last penang trip de food is awesome =D By the way how much is de price of the char kuey tiow? Just curious haha



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