Thursday, June 4, 2009

Joke of the year

Today,one classmate of mine added me in Msn just now.
Then we started to chat and later on he came up to me with a very "tough" question.
I was like what the fuck when i saw what he wrote.
Bet u guys will be shocked too of what he's gonna ask me about.
The conversation was like this :

L: Can i ask you a private question?Just wanna know only and if u mind then u no need to answer me about it
L: Are you gay?
Me: WTF *eyes popped out & jaws dropped down*
Me: Do i looked like one?.
L: A bit le
Me: Honestly, NO and i love girls !
Me: Why asked me such a question?
L:From the way you look and after viewing your blog.
Me:*Big sweat* Okay

Actually,he's not the first one who asked me this kind of question.
Last time,there are even some "dude" who approached me in Friendster and asked me the same thing.
Few weeks back,I went HOUZ with Rocky and few more people.
As I was standing near the bar,there's a group of dude right opposite me.
My friends told me that they're gay.
One of them was actually staring at me and smile through out the whole night. *gulps*


  1. lou wor...!!!

  2. wow...the question so impact for you ~ ...haha...i'm loughing non stop ~
    dun too care la...haha

  3. he is probably interested in you since he could ask you that. haha!!! careful when u go class, he might just take advantage of you. haha

  4. thx for ur concern but i think he's straight coz he has a gf.

  5. u'll never know he might be a BISEXUAL. poke front poke back also dun mind de type. LMAO..



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