Thursday, May 28, 2009

My babe

The Revival Body Art Studio
The accessories
The accessories

The body art designs

The machine

The stainless steel grips

The colors & ointment

After the paperwork was filled out, then I'm taking my seat at the Chair of Honor in a private room. Next,my arm was being cleaned with alcohol and start shaving my hairs from the chosen spot. Why? Cause even the finest of hairs can get in the way and cause problems, so this is a crucial step.

A little Vaseline was placed over my transfer design for certain reasons.
It helps to keep the transfer on longer without accidentally rubbing it off, and also to helps the needle to slide along the skin more smoothly, which makes me more comfortable.

During the first line,the tattooist ask me not to my breath. I asked and he said some people have passed out during a tattoo, and it wasn't the pain but it was due to the panic. The needles move rapidly up and down, just like a sewing machine.
The tattooist started by outlining the image on my arm in black ink.

At first,it feels like a needle poking on you which is like ant bites.People said after u get used to it as the pain begins to subside.

It depends on your own personal pain threshold, on the location of the tattoo,
and on the style itself. Certain people might say the outlining part hurts the most
but I found that the pain builds over time.
After this would be time for shading and coloring.

He did asked me for a break during the tattooing process. I guess he's giving a chance to rest just in case he have to send me to hospital after I faint.Lol

When is about finishing,I actually asked him for a break again cause I was about to burst if I still don't go to washroom.
I learnt my lesson this time that is never ever drink a lot of water if you are gonna do a tattoo.

The duration to be done was longer than what he told me during earlier
and it's way beyond his expectation as he predict he could be finished it within less than 2hours.
The whole process does not have a specific time to be done ,
it actually depends on the size and complexity of the design.
So it means the design i chose was quite complicated also.

During the process,I saw some blood on my arm and started to get freaked out.

So I questioned him once again.

He said it's normal for the area to look a little red and also see a little bit of blood.

Phew !

Finally,after 3hours of enduring the pain of pricking by the needles for uncountable times
and I'm done with it .
That's it !
I sat there until both my ass and hand almost get numb at a same time.
No doubt,it was really painful but after all i think what I get for the results was totally worth it.
Never regret at all for what I've chosen today.
Very satisfied with what I've paid for.
I'm lovin' it !

Bandage on my arm

The studio is located at :

Soon - 012-5086987 ,

Ground floor 13,
Yik Foong Complex,
Jln Laxamana,
30300 Ipoh,Perak


  1. dis is ur new babe? when u wanna let me see jek... dat time oni gif u some comment lar.. haha.. blek...

  2. wow.. new babe?
    sticking on your skin?
    haha.. pain anot wor?



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