Saturday, May 23, 2009

Battle of the Smithsonian

Reached KL on Thursday then straight went to Sunway Pyramid and meet up with my roommate to watched Night at the Museum 2.
He's being a night guard once again but this time it will be in the world's biggest museum.
There are lots of funny characters appeared in the show this time like Darth Vader,puppet from Sesame Street and also few political leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte and Ivan the 'Awesome'. Lol
No doubt,Ben Stiller is still one of my favorite actor as i laughed loud through out the entire show.
Overall,two thumbs up for this hilarious movie.


  1. Can't wait to watch this! A lotta good movies are opening this summer (:

  2. yeah,like terminator salvation and transformer : revenge of the fallen is coming soon

  3. i like the movie!
    funny! =D



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