Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tribal Taurus

Feels like getting myself a tattoo but I got no idea which type should I choose.
At first I thought of my own horoscope which is a Taurus sign but I realize that there's not much nice Taurus sign after i search the images in Google.
So far I've only found one for my zodiac sign which i think is nicer compare to the others.
Besides that,dragon was also in my mind but somehow I think it looks quite "lala" and common also after Kah Ho said the same thing to me.
I even thought of a scorpion also but I don't wanna end up as another Scorpion King wannabe.
Thus,I decided to get something rare and looks outstanding on me.
I found one random tribal tattoo also which i dunno what is that.

One of my favorite type of dog was Husky that tends to have a wolf like appearance.
So my final choice of tattoo would be a wolf sign.
Below are some of the similar examples that I might consider to get.

Feel free to drop me some comment on which one should i choose. ; )

Flaming wolf paw


  1. flame wolf is nice..
    noble flame wolf oso not bad..

  2. tribal winged or ice moon wolf for me : )

  3. Hi! I know you have no idea who I am and I have no idea who YOU are, but I found your pictures on google, and they're amazing. ...I was also wondering if I could ask you to draw a specific picture that I could use for a tattoo, or if that would be too crazy an idea and I am totally off my rocker.



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