Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Oh my god,I can't believe that finally I'm 21yrs old at this moment right now.
Sorry le Rocky, since your msg delivered late and couldn't be 1st one who wish me this time.lol.
Anyway,thanks to all those who message me and wrote on my Facebook.
All your warm wishes are greatly appreciated. =]
Woohoo! Now I can officially enter casino and clubs without any worries.
Currently, my heart is giving me an odd feeling that this is gonna be the worst B'day i ever had in my entire life. *Praying that is not gonna happen*
This kind of feelings sucks to the max !
Just can't help it.
Sigh,what to do?Imagine if you are the one being stuck at home alone now and your mind will automatically starts thinking of nonsense.
Hopefully there will be a unforgettable celebration for me after my exam. *Hinting*
For the past 2years here,the most memorable one was the time that I celebrated with her.
Though it was just a very simple dinner with some photo taking session but definitely a meaningful one..

Happy 21st Birthday to myself ! =]



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