Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fcuk off !

That freaking bastard called me and woke me up from sleep just now.
Yes,is YOU !
I got no choice but have to name you as a BASTARD but i guess it suits you well due to what u did.
No matter how you humiliate me ,I'm still standing on my own dignity.
This time things you said to me was going way beyond my boundary.
About my life?
It doesn't concern you anymore from this second onwards and I mean what I've said.
I don't give a damn if you doesn't want to give me anymore financial support.
Without you, is not like I'm going to starve to death.
I'm not as dumb as you think although my academic results are poor but it doesn't mean that my performance are below of those who passed with flying colors.
I've been a obedient boy for so long and now its the right time for me to rebel against you !
Fuck off from my sight cause I don't want to bother things bout you either.
You have no rights to control my life anymore as I'm old enough and officially 21 in the coming three days.
Feel free to go and get laid with your mistress if you had nothing better to do.

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