Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Pain , No Gain.

Just got back from KL two days ago.
Purposely went down just for the PC fair since there's no booth for Sony in the coming one in Ipoh.
I get 8 freebies upon purchasing my laptop but I missed out one from Maybank.
It's really tiring to walk around with my both hands carrying the stuff that I bought.

My stuff

And yet I missed the chance to take photos of those hot lookin' show girls.Arghhh !
For the 1st time, I used my debit card and spent a huge amount within 2days. *heartache*
I'm officially broke now ! =[
D' ,you should know what to do. ; )
Not to mention I'm in the sick condition.
Am I infected with H1N1?
Spotted there's a few symptoms on me now.
Gonna go for a medical checkup later.Sigh

Spotted this cute Disney t-shirt in TopMan but it was overpriced ! Cost 100+

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