Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Incoming of H1N1 !

Went for medical check up yesterday.
Doctor given me 3days of MC as he suspect that I might be infected by H1N1 since I have the following symptoms:
-Fever (38.6 C)
-Body aches

I was told not to leave the house and also go to the public places where crowded with people.
If lets say I really infected by H1N1 then I shall go buy 4D toto since I'm so lucky,might as well as win the jackpot.
And my college will be shut down for 1week for quarantine purpose.
Some people might thank me for giving them 1week of holiday but don't forget there will be replacement waiting ahead.Lol


  1. wahh, really ar? utar closing down or not?or ktar only? LOL
    ok, ok i shd not be asking tht...
    so how are u now? get well soon ya..

  2. perhaps will close down if i drop by utar for a while after confirmed i've infected.lol

  3. o.O
    H1N1.. haha i nearrrlyy kena..
    a close fren of mine kena..>.<"
    get well soon~

  4. Oh no that sounds awful. You have a great blog I enjoyed reading it



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