Friday, August 14, 2009

Let it Burn

Hero of the day (On the right)

During our lecture class today,the air cond was very cold and Mr.Giant offers me a lighter for some warm.
I said "No thanks"
Then he started to play with his lighter and light fire on his notes *speechless* and continue observing.
Second attempt,this time his notes really on FIRE and he used his hand to put off the fire.
Smokes were coming out from his hand and luckily only few of us saw it as the lecturer was talking infront and did not notice bout the smoke.
Eventually,the smell of the smokes starts to spread all over the room and everyone manage to sniff some burnt smell so they thought there was a fire in college.ROFL
Lecturer almost wanted to evacuate us from the hall.
He's so daring yet brave cause he wanted to admit it was done by him.
But I considered that as stupid.
That's why,never ever mess with a Michaelian cause you'll never knows what they gonna do.

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