Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are You Obsessed?

Wanted to watch Public Enemies but too bad Ipoh is not showing that movie.

So I bought Obsessed's ticket instead.

In this show,it shows that some girl can be very desperate and insane in tend to get something they desire for especially when it comes to a guy.

At first,I thought it was just a crush for that tempary girl,Lisa to fall on Beyonce's husband but it ends up more to an obsession.

He can hardly get rid of that girl named Lisa as she tried so hard to seduce him by following him into the mens toilet and even flashed him inside his car.

Scary rite?

The best part where I enjoyed the most was whern Beyonce and Lisa fought inside the house.

In the end,Lisa falls from the ceiling onto the glass table and a chandelier falls spearing onto her body.

She was wearing Beyonce's tshirt with the number of "14" ,for those who are Chinese will know what it meant for. =]

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  1. looks like beyonce is moving into movies to gain more earnings nowadays



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