Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Joined my classmates for Ice Age 3 yesterday after the last class.
It was hilarious just like the previous 2 episode.
The baby T-rex and mammoth was cute.I like it !

We was laughing all the way from the start till it ends.
There was one part we laugh even louder where Manny named his daughter after a fruit,"Peaches" but it sounds more like "Bitches" when we heard.Lol

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  1. It was Ellie who name her daughter Peaches. Manny just goes with it. But, Manny suggested Lil' Ellie at 1st.

    The best part in this movie was when Buck was going to save Sid together with Crash and Eddie. Buck ask them these:

    Buck: Are you ready for adventure?
    Crash, Eddie: Yes, sir!
    Buck: For danger?
    Crash, Eddie: Yes, sir!
    Buck: For death?
    Eddie: Uhh, can you repeat the question?

    Damn hilarious!



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