Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My very first laptop !

I was planning to get myself a laptop since last time and finally,I can get to buy one after saving for so long.
The first choice that came into my mind was Sony VAIO since I don't really like Macbook even though the design was nice.

There are a few series of VAIO that Sony produced and categorized under Business,Lifestyle & Home Entertainment.

Business Series




Lifestyle Series


Home Entertainment Series


I will go for either SR or CS series.
And after I've made a comparison between both and I decided to take the model of CS36GJ.
Recently there was a special edition of VAIO released which is the VAIO CS: Special Edition Crocodile Series.
I thought people will only use crocodile skins for handbags and leather belts and this is the first time I heard it is on a notebook.

Definitely I'm not taking this into my consideration although I like this series.
And for sure I'm gonna stick back to the original design.
There are 6 colors for the original one that is Nude Beige,Jet Black,Luxury Pink,Pure White,Noble Brown,Blazing Red.
I was thinking which color should I choose.
The black or white?

Some friends even suggest me to choose Pink but I don't think it gonna suits me cause it looks so girlish.
Okay,final decision are made and the answer is White !
Why?cause black looks common nowadays though it looks cool meanwhile white one looks clean & pure like snow.
Bear in mind,I know it's going to be hard for me to take care of as I gotta clean it most of the time or else it would be full of dirt.


  1. Wah! So rich now can buy Sony VAIO laptop sumore. Haha! Bro, choose wisely, dun look @ only the stylish of the laptop, look @ the specs which will help u a lot in future. Long term planning not short term alrite. LOL

  2. Go for the MacBook! Apple is awesome! OSX is great no lag no hang NO VIRUSES!

  3. Derek: alrigh,dun worry i'll choose wisely ;)
    Richard: black kinda
    Ariff:macbook is good for those who're using for design so i dont think it suits me.

  4. Omg....also i plan wan buy sony laptop!!!but mayb i will ask my frend buy at taiwan and bring it bek soon!!coz there is cheaper den malaysia price!!



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