Thursday, July 9, 2009

There's hope beyond the pain

Received a call this afternoon.
She told me that you ain't coming to me anymore.
It led me to such a huge disappointment.
Been waited for so many days and suddenly you said this to me.
Why there must be a boundary between us?
Why things must be so complicated?
Couldn't it be more simple?
Couldn't wait any longer to see your pretty face.
I know it's only matter of time.
I shall patiently wait upon your arrival.
That's the least I could do for you .


  1. Poor guy... are you breaking up with her? Me also in similar situation. haih....

  2. I will never ever give up till my very last breath.

  3. o0o0o...anyways,cheer up...!!!!nothing treat we impossible...***cheer up***



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