Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Final Destination

Struck with sudden fear as I am still awake at this moment where everyone else is sleeping silently and comfortably. The day that we have all been waiting for has arrived. My schedule began with the language paper that pressures me a lot. This would be the one and only chance that I could boost up my grade point as high as possible. There were no other subjects that I could obtain a distinction except for this. Perhaps there is a least chance but I would rather not to take the risk.

I have done enough of mistakes for my past and would not allow the history to repeat once again.My mind recalled back to all my other failures. I admit that my past was never impressive for those who knew me. The test had arrived like within a blink of an eye and I still did not feel prepared for it. There are three more papers waiting ahead of me where the real challenge begins.I felt tired but I can barely close my eyes to sleep.Tonight would be the beginning of my restless mind until I had reach my final destination but definitely this is not my death trip.

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