Friday, September 11, 2009

Fake hopes from God !

Why are GOD always giving me fake hopes?
It happens since the day I was brought to this world.
Everytime when there's a hope for something,eventually it will just disappeared for some reasons.
All of my hopes only led to the disappointment of myself.
It seems difficult to have what I desired.
Someone told me that God has a better path for me but I don't if see any.
I ain't the only one who doubted that the existence of God.
Since life is so unfair , if God really exist then why does God allowed all this to happen?
So why bother to wait for miracles?
I don't really believe in fate that controls over everything of one's life.
I think I'd be able to change my own destinies instead of following to what is destined like an instruction of computer which have been pre-programmed earlier before born.
Life has never been easy before.
The harder I fight for myself, the harder life fights me back.
Thus,I never bother to demand anything from my parents as the answer is just simply NO.
Might as well as work hard and get it for myself.
At least,I'm contented with things I've earned hard for.
If there's a will,there's a way - quote that inspires my life a lot.


  1. yup.. agree..
    your destiny lies on your hand.. not God.. =)

  2. jia you!!
    don't ever give up! all depends on you,not god.
    God will help you IF you help yourself=)

  3. you have you believe in yourself too.. =)

  4. hey there.:)
    i'm sorry but i don't agree with you. no matter how hard we try to do something, we might not be able to do it because we are after all mere humans. i myself have experienced lots of miracles in my life. and i couldn't have done it without God.

    and when things don't go our way, don't blame God.

    miracles happen when you have faith. miracles happen when you believe, when you believe that God will take care of things. what might seem good to you might not be what is the best for you. God knows best.

    just my humble opinions. i know that God is real 'cos I've experienced His goodness. I hope one day you will too.

    God loves you. Jesus loves you. i have absolutely no doubt about that.

    *=a concerned friend=*



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