Friday, April 10, 2009


Seems like everyone has switched to Blogspot except for me. I've been abandoned my previous blog for quite some time ever since the last update,so i think is time for me to revive it once again.All my old post will be still remain at the previous blog.

At the same time,I'm thinking to switch to another course after wasting 3years time in Kampar. I know that I am such a failure but I don't mind on how you guys look on me as I know I wont't survive working out there without a proper degree. I've tried so hard to cope with the course I've chosen at the beginning as i thought it is going to be the right one for me but after all i just can't do it. Felt so guilty for wasting my family's money by playing a fool here. Its okay if they doesn't want to give any financial support to me anymore. I will just work out on my own to get all these things done.

So this time I shall not choose any course that contains calculation anymore or else I'll just end up exactly the same way like now.


  1. hey
    how u gonna get da sources to support yourself then
    tok to me ok
    im here



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