Monday, April 13, 2009

Rokchin's 21st B'day Party

Woke up early in the morning to go Tesco and get things for the BBQ.After 2 hours of walking in the supermarket finally we bought all the stuff that we wanted.During that day,I was the one who is cooking for the pasta and Victor ,was the one who is going to marinate the 50pieces of chicken wing.Look below where he is giving some massage to the chicken wing.Lol

Cutting onions

Suppose we planned to start our BBQ at 7pm but it ended up raining until 12 midnight and so we got no choice but to order some Domino's Pizza and eat first.

Making wish

A jelly cake made by his coursemate

Chocolate banana cake from his Girl

Rain stops and then we start having our BBQ session !

Ex-scouts are doing the job


Before the BBQ session ends,we actually gave Rocky a big surprise by throwing down to the swimming pool.

Carrying him to the pool

Flying in the air before landing in the pool.
Align Center
Having his own sweet time in pool


That's not the end of it yet while there are something else to add on before letting him back to bath. He was only expecting us to throw him down into the pool and things happened later was beyond his expectation.

1st step:Putting 1packet of flour

2nd step:Add some eggs

3rd step: Take him to bake !

He looked so emo while Melvin is smirking there.

I bet Rocky know what to do for Victor during his birthday this year as a revenge of what he did to you. *winks*

Satisfaction right?

Although the party did not going on well as you planned but we do hope u enjoy it.Happy 21st B'day !

That's the end of the party and I'm fcuking tired now !

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